300MW PV Module Line

300MW Fully Automatic Solar Panel Production Line

300MW Solar Panel Production Line

Main Features

  • Cycle: 84PCS/hour
  • Operators: 28operators per shift
  • Floor Space: 3400m²

The easiest production line to scale up, benefit from a modular design of the line, start small and grow later on. Made to fit your production floor with few workers needed in line.

Profit from a smooth and continuous assembly of solar panels, and today it is possible to keep the quality of the panels monitored at all times with an AI defects detection system plus our MES system to monitor the production anytime

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Machine List

Glass Loading Machine
EVA Cutting and Laying Machine
Solar Cell Stringer
Layup Robot Arm
Taping Machine
Bussing Machine
Auto Filing Machine
2nd EVA and Backsheet Cutting and Laying Machine
Solar Laminator
Trimming Machine
Framing Machine
Curing Manipulator
IV Tester Sun Simulator
Solar Panel Sorting Machine

Full Processes of Solar Panel Manufacturing

Full Processes of Solar Panel Manufacturing

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