Solar Laminator 7400*2700mm—Qinhuangdao Greenwell


Solar Panel Laminator 7400*2700mm—Qinhuangdao Greenwell


Solar Panel Making machine–Solar Laminator

step Great flexibility to laminator any kind of Glass/Glass or Glass/Backsheet PV module
Fast two lamination, reduced power consumption, Short Cycle time (high throughput)
Reduced Factory Space Requirement
Suited for a wide range of module size and thicknesses
Homogeneous thermal oil heating system

Machines intruduction

GWFA —-stands for Greenwell Fully Automatic
6626 stands for the laminator size is 7400*2700
A single chamber 7427 is for a 50-75MW Solar Panel Production line
Double chamber 7427 is for a 100-150MW Solar Panel Prodiction Line
There are three chamber doble layer as options .
Equipment Model GWQ-7427*2 Demension 32000*3600*1760mm
Laminating Area 7400*2700mm Equipment Weight 43.7T
Power Supply AC380 3Phase 5Line Compressed Air 0.6-0.8MPa
Upper Cover Stroke 300mm 800L/min/Chamber
Peak Power 195KW Rated Power 95KW
Solar Panel Size 2500*1350mm Panel Number/layout 5|||||
2500*1130mm 6||||||

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