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  • Aluminum Frame Cutting Machine|Qinhuangdao Greenwell

    Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance. Imported linear bearing motion pair ensured steady processing accuracy. Large processing range. Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accurancy main spindie. Uniform speed feeding and smoothly motion due to airdraulic damping cylinder. Auto-opening guard shield ensured safety operation. Adoptd imported linear guide pair, with high accuracy and long service life. 45° 、 90°、67.5°cutting is available.

  • Auto Framing Machine

    solar panel framing Machine

  • Solar Module Tester/IV Tester/Sun Simulator

    Solar Module Tester/IV Tester/Sun Simulator

  • EVA-TPT Cutting and Laying Machine

    EVA-TPT Cutting and Laying Machine

  • Auto Solar Panel Sorter

    The grading manipulator can be used for handling, stacking, unstacking and classified stacking of component.

    • Designed capacity:23±1s (within the stroke of 3,000)
    • Stroke scope of elevation direction:0-1,400mm (customized)
    • Stroke scope of longitudinal direction:0-15,000mm (customized)
    • Yield≥99.9%
  • Auto Corner Milling Machine

    Chamfer the four edges of module automatically

    • Designed capacity:23±1s/module (including feeding and blanking time)
    • Feeding and angle filling mode:The long edge (horizontal) edge of module is transmitted to the front assembly line. The restoration mechanism will restore them upon arrival. Motor drives sand belt for angle filling polishing.
    • Quality for angle filling:Angle filling should be smooth and free of any residue; avoid bruising module frame
    • Quality for grinded corner:Prevent dust from polluting module surface or causing blockage or damage to the active part of assembly line
    • Yield≥99.9%