Qinhuangdao Greenwell offers flexible, innovative and simple to use equipment for solar module manufacturing. Our machines are designed for specific production steps, enabling our customers to work with the lowest running costs in the industry. Greenwell is China leading enterprice who provide every machine and innovation for production lines of photovoltaic panels, with the benefit of having one reference only for the whole production line.

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  • Lab EL Tester

    Lab EL Tester

    Lab EL Tester| Renewable energy lab equipment inspection of modules such as virtual soldering, cracking, partial soldering–Qinhuangdao Greenwell Item Info Image processing Image magnification, bar code display, defect marking Max. Resolution 24Million Pixel Camera Type COMS Touch Screen 23.8’’ Voltage/Current Range 0-60V;0-20A Testing Area 1000*1000mm Exposure time 1/250s-30s Exposure Monitory Automatic and manual Power supply…

  • Auto Triming Machine

    Is an automatic trimming solution for edge cutting of the PV module. The machine loads and centres the panel from the long edge and trims simultaneously the four edges of the panel with 4 automatic blades, removing the excess auxiliary material of the module after lamination. The cutting is performed with high efficiency and a…

  • Automatic Edge Taping Machine

    Automatic Edge Taping Machine Bificial Dual Glass solar module making machine

  • Solar Panel Labelling Machine

    Solar Panel Labelling Machine |Qinhuangdao Greenwell

    Solar Panel Labelling Machine 1,Equipped with 2 to 3 labeling heads to complete labeling, anti-counterfeiting code, and barcode labeling respectively. 2,It can realize automatic scan code + MES system information interaction to drive printing labels, and the scan code success rate is 100%. 3,Full stroke labeling, high speed, high precision, labeling yield ≥99% Our vision…

  • Solar Panel Curing Line

    Solar Panel Curing Line

    Solar Panel Curing Line We supply solar panle curing line for solar panel production line ,Qinhuangdao Greenwell Helps Newcomer to start their own solar module production line FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Conduct laminated conveying of the framed modules on the curing line. When the modules are stacked or taken out to a certain extent, the curing line…

  • High-Pot Testing Machine

    High-Pot Testing Machine

    High-Pot Testing Machine-FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION   Apply a certain degree of voltage between module frame and electrode lead-in wire and test the withstand voltage performance and insulating strength of the module to make sure that the module will not be easily damaged under formidable natural conditions. STRUCTURAL FEATURES The rack adopts high-strength aluminum profile structure, featuring…