working table and tools for semi-automatic production line


Working Table and Tools :

Solar Cell Welding Station (3 WorkPlace)
1. 3 workplace:1 String welding and 2 Single welding
2. 1PCS PID Intelligent temperature control box
3. 2PCS single welding heating template
4. 1PCS String welding heating template
5. 5PCS Exhaust Fan and 2PCS Light
Not included constant temperature electric soldering iron 6. Dimension:2200×1200×1850MM

2Lay up station

1. Halogen lamp
2. Ammeter +Voltmeter

Manual EVA/TPT cutter and Carrier

Visual Inspection Station
1. Check the detection of laminated cells is impurities and make sure no breakage
2. The angle of the mirror can adjust. With specular reflection, can easily and quickly find the detect of the cells

Glass/Solar Module Carrier
With static electricity film to protect glass surface

Ready material carrier
1. Steel Structure: 10Layers
2. With Anti-static rubber to protect glass surface
String Cell Carrier
1. Steel Structure: 10Layer
2. With heat shrink tube to protect glass surface