sun simulator| IV tester|solar panel testing machine


Electric performance test and on file for Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar panels.
Class AAA
Lamp Spectrum IEC60904-9
Light Intensity 100mW/cm² ( 70 ~ 120mW/cm² continuous adjustable )
Non-uniformity of Intensity ≤2% [Class A]
Temperal Instability STI≤0.5%; LTI≤1%
Consistency of Testing ≤0.5%
Pulse Width 15ms (available for PERC cell)
Effective Testing Area 2500mm×1500mm
Testing Range 5W-650W
Measuring Voltage 0~100V (resolution 1mV)
Measuring Current 0~20A ( resolution 1mA)
Powe supply 220W 50HZ
Tested Electric Performances Isc、Voc、Pmax、Vm、Im、FF、EFF、Temp、Rs、Rsh