Stabber Stringer 2600|solar cell welding machine |solar panel making machine

• continuous welding and speed up the overall Designed capacity
• Process Compatibility: PERC / TopCon / HIT (customized), Diameter of round ribbon: φ0.25-0.35mm, Special-shaped ribbon (customized), Segmented reflective ribbon (customized)
• High Reliability; Easy Operation and Maintenance; Superior Compatible and Simple Switch; Strong Extensibility
• Double-side jacking circular feeding and blanking mode supports the continuous fast switching of material boxes, realize


Our vision at Greenwell Technology is that a PV manufacturing line should:
• Be adapted for the current technology, to be competitive today.
• Not be a limitation for future evolutions in cell/module technologies
• Specific machinery for present and future technology with high performance.
• Modular lines, so that future technologies can be adopted in an easy way (and cost effective).
• Flexible lines. Our lines can be easily upgraded and adapted to use all cell types making our lines highly flexible to all existing and new technologies

1. Technical Parameter:
No. Item Specification
1 Tabber Stringer Solar cell Soldering Machine
2 Model GW-SP2600
3 Welding Speed 2400-2600(Pics/hour)
4 Solar Cell Size 210mm,182mm,1166mm,161.7mm,156*156mm 5BB-13BB

5 Max Length String 2300mm
6 Solar Cell Space 0.8-10mm (Adjustable)
7 Breakage Rate ≤1‰ (A Grade Solar Cell)
8 Welding Strings Single String Welding
9 Welding Busbar 5BB,6BB,9BB 10BB 12BB 13BB
10 Welding Method Infrared Heating Welding
11 Welding Power Normal Temperature-500℃ (Adjustable)
12 Interface PLC Touch Screen / IPC Control
13 Language EN/CN
14 Power Supply 50-60Hz/AC380V/
15 Peak Power 50KW
16 Rated Power 30KW
17 Air Supply 0.6Mpa Clean, Dry Air
18 Air Consumption 500(liters / min)
19 Device Dimension 5750*1900*2210mm(L*W*H)
20 Device G.W. 2.8 (T)

Key Component List

PN Name Brand
1 PLC Keyence(Japan)
2 Controller Panasonic
3 Robot + CCD 2 sets Customized Robot and CCD
4 LCD Screen Industrial Computer
5 Linear system HIWIN
6 Servo Motor Panasonic or Fuji
7 Cylinder SMC+AirTAC
9 Solenoid Valve SMC+AirTAC+Pneulead



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