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Solar cell stringer 2600 (for a 50MW line)


Solar Stringer GW 2600: Solar Cell Soldering Machine 2600pcs/h ,(This stringer is for a 50MW Line)


Technical Parameter:

1solar StringerSolar cell Soldering Machine
3Welding Speed2400-2600(Pics/hour)
4Solar Cell Size210mm,182mm,1166mm,161.7mm,156*156mm 5BB-13BB
5Max Length String2300mm
6Solar Cell Space0.8-10mm (Adjustable)
7Breakage Rate≤1‰ (A Grade Solar Cell)
8Welding StringsSingle String Welding
9Welding Busbar5BB,6BB,9BB 10BB 12BB 13BB
10Welding MethodInfrared Heating Welding
11Welding PowerNormal Temperature-500℃ (Adjustable)
12InterfacePLC Touch Screen / IPC Control
14Power Supply50-60Hz/AC380V/
15Peak Power18KW
16Rated Power9KW
17Air Supply0.6Mpa Clean, Dry Air
18Air Consumption500(liters / min)
19Device Dimension5300*1420*2050mm(L*W*H)
20Device G.W.2.8 (T)

Key Component List

3Robot + CCD2 sets Customized Robot and CCD
4LCD ScreenIndustrial Computer
5Linear systemHIWIN
6Servo MotorPanasonic or Fuji
9Solenoid ValveSMC+AirTAC+Pneulead

Our vision at Greenwell Technology is that a PV manufacturing line should:

  • Be adapted for the current technology, to be competitive today.
  • Not be a limitation for future evolutions in cell/module technologies
  • Specific machinery for present and future technology with high performance.
  • Modular lines, so that future technologies can be adopted in an easy way (and cost effective).
  • Flexible lines. Our lines can be easily upgraded and adapted to use all cell types making our lines highly flexible to all existing and new technologies

We supply any kind of solution for the Solar Business sector for all current and future PV technologies always adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

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