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Automatic Junction Box Dispensing Machine

 Junction Box Dispensing Machine
Junction Box Dispensing Machine
Yield rate%≥98
Activation rate%≥95
ParameterKey component
PowerKW0.4Triaxial movement axisHIWIN
Compressed airL/min0.4-0.6MPa(4-6KG)Dry airStep control systemBUKE
Weightkg40Stepping motorBUKE
Running environmentcuts5-50℃Solenoid valveAirTAC
NoisydBA<85Pressure gaugeAirTAC
1.Machine trip:X-axis  400 mm * Y-axis 400 mm * Z-axis 100 mm;
2.Machine dimensions : 700 *620*600 mm;
3.Motion system repeatability: ±0.1mm;
4.Step-by-step control, Spatial three-dimensional motion system;
5.Speed range : 1~ 500mm/s;
6.Operating mode : Button mode;
7.Comprehensive 3-dimensional drawings support: hi-speed and continuous interpolations, such as 3-dimensional linear interpolation, and 3-dimensional arc interpolation. Capabilities of teaching 3D graphics and user-defined 3D array;
8.Programmer can quickly and easily through a direct response product programming, a variety of graphics locus of teaching, jog control, and coordinate input mode and flexible switch. Fast processing point, straight line, arc, the whole round, oval and other graphics, accurate and convenient for speed, out of plastic volume control can be set platform range, speed, load and other characteristics;
9.To provide direction for a variable array of controls, file copy control, a number of advanced features such as graphics link control;
10.To provide single-step, multi-point simulation, single-color processing, the overall processing, recycling and processing a variety of automatic processing mode;
11.Functionalities of changing speed on the fly, and smoothing hi- speed trajectories;
12.Possess high scalability can also be customized according to the technical features required. Currently in place more than plastic head control, multi-output control, blowing wire drawing production line control, step by step process control and many other extended features;

13. Power requirements:220 AC 50~60HZ; Standard ground;

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