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Function: Solar cell module in the slice, diffusion, welding, framing and other processes may cause process contamination, hiding cracked, debris, broken fences, low efficiency and so on; the invisible defects will affect the conversion efficiency, shorten working life, reduce the quality of brand, impact corporate reputation and cause huge losses to the enterprise.
Item Info
Image processing Image magnification, bar code display, defect marking

Max. size 2500mmx1500mm
Max. Resolution 2400 Million Pixel
Camera Type COMS
Touch Screen 40’’
Voltage/Current Range 0-60V;0-20A
Testing Area 2500*1500mm
Exposure time 1/250s-30s
Exposure Monitory Automatic and manual
Power supply AC220V/50HZ/15A
Dimension 2700 x 2400 x 1200