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  • Curing Manipulator

    Grab and place modules before and after curing

    • Designed capacity:23±1s/module (within the stroke range of 3,000)
    • Stroke scope of elevation direction:0-1,400mm (customized)
    • Stroke scope of longitudinal direction:0-3,000mm (customized)
    • Yield≥99.9%
  • Auto Trimming Machine


    Raw edges after lamination are trimmed and recycled automatically. It makes glue coating better when the frame is installed.

    • Designed capacity:23±1s/module;
    • Yield : ≥99.8%;
    • Edging effect: The section after edging is smooth; residue: <0.5mm, causing no damage to glass;
    • 4 edges are trimmed simultaneously during operation: efficient and stable.