Solar Aluminum Profile Processing Line

Production Process and Machines Overview

Solar Aluminum Profile Processing Line
Solar Aluminum Profile Processing Line

Advantages of automatic Line:
①Advanced configuraOon: adopts high-end control system and adopts advanced German
BECKHOFF embedded controller; adopts safe and stable, high positioning accuracy servo
control system; adopts imported pneumatic components, valves and actuators; adopts
imported air source processing and pressure regulation system. It adopts touch screen
operation; it has manual and automatic function, emergency stop function, error alarm
function, and the imprinting machine terminal is equipped with an automatic counting
program to grasp the product dynamic real-time data in time. The equipment has a cloud
function, which is convenient for automatic line production information query and remote
fault diagnosis.
② Optimization process: Energy saving and environmental protection: Two materials are
simultaneously accurately cut (high cutting surface smoothness, punching burrs ≤0.2mm),
which greatly improves the production efficiency of the single machine. The sawing process
is equipped with negative pressure dust collection, assembled soundproof and noise
reduction chamber (saw cutting noise ≤85dB), and tailings centralized recovery device, so
that the cutting noise of the saw blade can be effectively controlled, so that the aluminum
chips and cutting heads can be fully recovered, so that the work The environment is more
beautified and cleaner.
③ Cost saving: Servo control is adopted, which is safe and stable, high positioning accuracy,
and precise cutting. The intermediate material head can be adjusted within ≤1mm, which
can minimize the waste of material head, save materials and reduce costs. Adding an
oil-storing felt pad in the middle of the die reduces the frequency of lubrication and oiling
and improves the service life of the punch.
④Safe and stable: Choose high-quality and reliable electrical components and mechanical
parts, and the control loop adopts DC24V direct current safety voltage. The stamping and
punching machine is equipped with a safety grating to make it safer and more reliable. The
use of roller transmission eliminates the phenomenon of chip accumulation and reduces the
risk of scratches on the surface of the material.
⑤ Good compaObility: AdopOng a multi-angle and multi-specification precise control
program, it can be compatible with various specified profile specifications, and can realize
processing with and without film. Through the loading and conveying roller base and the
incoming material conveying roller padding, the profile can be quickly switched.
⑥Proprietary technology: The producOon line adopts double-shaft feeding and aligning
device, reclaiming and turning shaft mechanism, double-head sawing machine positioning
and tightening device, punch centering mechanism, stamping machine corner code
changing transfer device, corner code installation and embossing A number of
independently developed core patented technologies, such as integrated printing stamping
tools, have greatly improved production efficiency and made the system run more smoothly.
⑦Accurate acOon: the automaOc line is in sequence, the acOon is coordinated, and various
key process parameters are accurate. The transmission of aluminum alloy profiles is
completed by a manipulator, which is as flexible as a human arm, and the material grabbing
and placing are accurate and fast, realizing precise docking between various processes.
⑧Improving speed and efficiency: one-stop automatic assembly line operation from
feeding to finished products, compact and reasonable equipment layout, and the shortest
operation path. The punch is equipped with separate feeding and unloading manipulators,
and adopts a double-roller slow-moving line and a jacking and fitting mechanism to speed
up the beat. The production time for each piece of material is less than 3.5 seconds, which
makes the entire production process more energy-saving, faster and more efficient.
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